Hummers in the US Services

Check this links - Here is a link from a service guy who drove the Humvees. Levik's Hummer Page

Click on the pictures for a full screen photo.

Front view Hummer w/ M60 mounted 

A Combat Tactics Team from the 349th Security Police Squadron searches for a simulated missing United Nations truck- 

Hummer on hilltop, gi-joe looking around airport 

  Rear view slant back Hummer 

  Rear-side view of heavy armored Hummer stuck in mud, pulled out from APC. Armed to teeth - M60, 2 tows site: Bosnia : driver error. 

Non-Hummer picture, but it's an R/C! (Remote Controlled) Panther armored mine clearing vehicle.

Hummer (side) radio truck at MacGregor Reservation, N.M.

Here we are stuck in the mud, it's one of our local guys from Houston, Spc. Cameron E. Welch, Check out the roof rack! 

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