El Segundo CA Area - Down near the beach. Hermosa Beach.

I took a ride down to the beach area on the Segway and found the bike path down there too! The bike path as a speed limit of 8 MPH, darn slow for a bike if you ask me, but I too kept my speed with in the limits or 8 MPH. The path came to stop where I had to lift the Segway up the steps to continue on my trail, but I could have also gone back and found a trail up to the street where I didn't have to worry about steps. From the hotel to one of the peers, it was a round trip of 7 miles, that was with a number of extra side trips too.

There are some very nice homes on the beach front and I am sure they go for a bundle. The rent homes where that I saw there where small and not in the beach front, but near by and where renting for just under $2000/mo.

This was one of the first late afternoons that I have been able to ride the Segway on a nice little trip because since the day I got here it has been raining. It would pick the time that I got here, but it is been over 181 days down here with out any rain. The area was a little wet still in some places, temperature was in the upper 60's and a little wet out. But this was nothing like back home in Houston, where is was 97F in the afternoon.