Hummer Club's Homecoming 2000 Event

Well I am back from our trip!  And it was great, meet a lot of folk's from the Hummer Mailing List and few who where not from the list.  Took lots of photos of every ones else's Hummer and just one of mine, kind a hard to take photos of yourself when you go be yourself.

The weather could have been a little better, but it worked out just fine.  Cool day on Thursday, and a little wet on Friday.  

Would like to thank every one who made it come together and every one who came who made all the better! It was nice to finally put faces to names to how we have been talking to over the phone and internet.

One of my most memorable events what the level 2 wood trail that I got to go one.  If every dealer had a test track like that, we would have more Hummer owners, I am sure.  I would have liked to have gone on level 3 a well, but I had a few other events that I had also signed up for that I went on.

The following pages will have lots of photos, click on the photos for a larger image.  All photos are in 640 X 480 screen size.  If you have others and would like to have them posted, send them then to me and I will gladly put them up as well.

Day 1 - Wednesday - trip to Southbend and the convoy, and a minor hose problem.

Day2 - Thursday - Hummer Games, Wood Trail 2, Obstacle Course, Displays

Day 3 - Friday - Final day. - Wet day, Dinner - END

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