Fort Hood, May 23 - 24  Memorial Weekend

Weather was great, hot, but not too hot, and the sun was not as bad as it should have been, thanks to the smoke still in the air from the Mexican forest fires.  Still a little hazy up there.    We had a great group of people as always and lots of four wheeling grounds to play with.  Fort Hood has always been great, even when it rains, it is always a lot of fun.

We had about 10 Hummers, and lots of Land Rovers, and Jeeps, and a few others out with us.  The rivers where a little lower then normal, but then we have not seen any rain in a while now. So river crossings was very easy.

We only had one vehicle problem at the top of Chicken Foot who was stuckl and we all help him get back on his feet again so that he could go back to the hotel and see about getting his truck fixed. No membership fees, or dues, we are all out to have fun, and when one of us has a problem, we as a group all help out as best we can to fix the problem. What more can you ask for?  The groups our here are great and we all play as a team.

Most of the photos taken here are thanks to my wife, who for the first time came out to Fort Hood with us, I think this time she had fun with us. And I got to show her just what my Hummer can do, climb hills! Like the left side of Chicken Foot.  This was one hill that we have seen very few ever make it to the top.  Even by foot, it's a work out.  And I am glad to say, I made it 3 times with out any real problems.
After seen others try and not make it, I figured I will see just how far I will make it, not even thinking that I was going to get to the top. After the first time up, the next time I took my wife up. Had just a little spin this time, but still made it very well.  Next day I also hit this hill just as slow as I did the first time, and with out slipping, I was on the top like always. I was a great feeling to be able to make it to the top as well as I did.
To took it nice and slow, all the way to the top, tires hardly slipped as they took over the 7500 lb. Hummer to the top.  I was the only vehicle to make it to the top with out any problems.  The other Hummers tried it but, half way up they hit this one step in the rocks, and that was it.  I think the added weight in the rear that I had gave me the helping hand on this hill.
The hill the the left of Chicken Foot.  And Chicken Foot was lie a piece of cake in the Hummer, but we forgot to take and photos.
Lance L. did this trick just seconds after my wife got out to take photos.  My wife was riding with him taking photos as we covered the territory. I am sure she was glad she did got out just then.  But once making it to the top, she was will to ride with him again, I guess it did not scare her enough.
Another shot of Lance and his red Jeep. Josh can back down the hill to give Lance something to hook on to while he winced him self out with his new 9000 Ramsey electric winch.
Happily on his way to the top after being on his side. 
Here was a hill that gave me a little harder time, I think it was the 4th or 5th attempt that I finally made it to the top.  It's a steep climb out of the river located next to the Egyptian Falls as seen below.
The Egyptian Falls as they call it.  Nice little area.
Here is Hummer articulation. Little.
And here a Jeep articulation, a lot more then the Hummers. Josh's Jeep here near the Eygptian Falls showing what his Jeep can do.