Uvalde Texas
July 4th 1998
Morning to noon.
Alan Dobbs and I worked on my steering linkage that I bent during the start of my night run the night before.  After getting it all apart and using his rear tow assembly on his Dodge Ram Pickup and my winch, we got the center steering linkage straight. 
Reinstalled it and all the other parts back together again. Drove as straight as could be, we used two tape measures across the tires to do a basic wheel alignment and it worked out very well. 

We headed bad to the trails and meet up with some of the Hummers and a few other trucks on the Frio river.  And as soon as we got there, one of the Hummers front half shaft had come loose and sheered some of the bolts off.  So we cleared some of the rocks from under the Hummer and began working on the problem.  We removed 3 of the bolts from the left front half shaft and got the right side back together again. Pulled him out of the rocks and guided them back to the main road.
We had 4 red Hummers that I knew of at this outing. a soft top (Chad's), this 4 door hardtop, an other 4 door hard top with the slant back on (Kevin & lisa's),  and my wagon.
me. It's over the rocks we go!
As you can see, it's a Hummer line heading down the river bed.
Scott's Chevy Tahoe as he climbs the rocks.
A black Defender 90 who was also with the Hummers.
Here is Chad Cochener as he climb the hill to follow the others.
Two of the four red Hummers at the outing on the rock.
To view the area map of this run, click here.

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