Fort Hood is always a lot a fun!  No matter what the weather is like, wet or dry, Fort Hood is a great play to have a lot of fun.  May 2nd & 3rd, we had about 35-40 trucks of every kind out here for pure fun.  Thanks to the internet and a mailing group called the Texas 4X4 group we all know when and where to meet together.  We don't care what you have as long as we all get a long together.

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DJ Jones crossing the creek in his nice Z-71 Green Chevy. 
Also known as the "Jolly Green Giant" 

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Alan Dobbs & his Defender 90 coming up Chicken Foot after he aired down his tires, and did it with out lockers.
Here is Alan just before making it to the top of the climb.
Here I am play in a ditch that really had some twist to it.  Hummer makes look very easy.
He I am once again as I come up and out of the ditch with the right front wheel in the air.
A few of us stopped and play around here to see just how well we could make it. I was not a hard maneuver, just a flexing one.
Here is Alan D. air born are he get to the top of the hill,  to bad he popped the bead on one of his tires just seconds after this photo.  But fully equiped to hand the problem, Alan had it aired back up in minutes and was hit the trails just as hard.
Here is Eddie's Hummer in the mud, his daughter was driving it when she got it stock, a surprise to her.  Eddie took over and worked his way out with a few swift moves.
Alan too give it a try after seeing Eddie drive through it in his Unimog with out any problems. Alan was not so lucky, his was stuck. DJ ended up pulling him out.
After all the mud, Alan & DJ got into the river to help wash of some of the mud underneath their trucks. 
Eddie here is showing off how well the Unimog flexes here on the rocks next to the river.
So Alan here shows how well he can flex too as he is sitting here in the river.
Alan found out it was not as easy to get out of the river as it was getting into it.  He spins his tires as he tries to find the right spot to get himself of the river.
Eddies Unimog drove through the creek with out any problems, even when it got deep.
Eddie being guided up the hill.
Here is what happens when Alan encourages Eddie to cross the little crack.  Hummm,  That's some  little crack if you ask me.

more later.