Fort Hood US Military Base - Outing
Jan. 31 & Feb. 01 of 1998

As always, Fort Hood is a lot of off-road fun, even went the weather is not at it's best.  Saturday, it was just Alan & Mimi, and myself, the weather was a cool 55-60 degress, and light rain.  It was muddy, wet, and dull, but we made the best of it and had a great time.

Next day, we have company, some of the local Jeeper also came, and once again we all had a great time.  The weather was a better, no rain.

Here is a nice view of some of the hills
In area 34 there is a Storage Area that we came across, and here are a few of the guys that had the job of watching over it.  We took a look at each others trucks and had a nice little chat.  Great bunch of guys!
Like I said, it was a muddy day.
Here are all are Sunday at the Area Access post as we are getting ready to hit the trails.
Here is Area Access, the check in point for access to base ofr amny of us.
Here is Alan as he goes down the trails.
Sam going down the trail in a Discovery, and did a very good job of showing us just what a Discovery can do, and was just about anything.
Click on any of the photos for a large image.
More to come.  Please check back in a few days.