Big Bend Bash 98
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Here we are on top of  Pack Saddle Mtn close to the camp. I was having too much fun going up the hill and forgot to take photos of us coming up the hill.  The Hill was a good little climb and was the bast part of the outing for me.
Here are our two Defender 90's that also came up the mnt. with the Hummers.  Alan  & Jimmy  D90's from the Houston area.
Glenn's from Dallas with his nice Fly Yellow 97 Hummer who also was having a great time on the mnt. side.  Glenn also was the entertainer for the evening with his air power potato cannon.
John Key's Hummer and son was coming down the mnt.. As you can see the mnt. side is full of rocks to climb over or drive around. This was not a trail for the city 4x4's.
Alan was kinda hung up on a rock here and had to have a little help getting off of it.  Glenn got to use the winch that was used to help prevent damage to the D90 while we worked to get it on the rock. I am sure Alan wishes he had a little more height in his D90 on this rock.
Here is Bob Hazel on the back of Jimmy's D90.  Bob was going for the ride here.  Bob Hazel was also out guide on this adventure here. He guided the truck over the rocks and scouted the trail ahead of us on foot up and down the mnt. and did a great job at it.  I would have to say, Bob got his exercise for the day with us.
John, Alan & Jimmy as they venture down the mnt., stopped to look at the trail they just tackeled.  (Bob K. you would have loved this trail).
Looking on to see Glenn who was last to make it over the top and down this part of the mnt. 
The down side of the mnt. had a nice ride down. And looking down it was more scarier then the ride itself. This photo does not show how bad it was but I bet Joe was thinking hard on this one.
Here is Joe back up toward the top of the hill check it out for himself  just one more time before he ventures down it.
Yes, it was a big drop off, but a beautiful site.
The Longhorn Ranch and room 201, my room.  Right next to the "men" out house. This was a very bad place for it and by the second day, this place stunk. I made sure we kept the door shut. Beside my room was the showers & out house for the campers. I think the out house should have been placed at the corner of the lot, not my room.
Glenn air power Patato Cannon. It shot the patato almost out of site.