River Of The World

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As I was head for home from New Orleans Louisanna I came across this group that was heading the same direction,  west.  They look like the where heading for the jungle with each vehicle loaded with equipment. 
It was a neat site to see, a Defender 110, a rare site to see here in the US and it was a nice set up.  Hella Lights, and even the Hella 4000 HID's, snorkle, Lader & rack, Swiss Fuel Tanks, and lots more.  And along with the Defender was 3 Discovery's, all well equipted. 

Each vehicle had patches to show that have been to many places. And each one of them had a gator's head on each of the brush guard

I don't know if they knew it or not, but I followed them for a while and then they stopped at a rest stop, this was my chance to find out more about them and where they where going.  This was great!  As they all got out to walk around and stractch out a little, this was my chance to talk with them.
Found out they where heading for Belize to help out with some of the problems they had down. It's a goodwill trip or journey that they are on.  Just what they are going to do, I did not find out, but I figured I would find out more after checking out thier web site  www.row.org  . Thier next stop was going to be in Beaumont to camp out for the night. Then on with thier journiey.  The next day they where sited going through Houston on thier way down south.

I think they must have thought I was a little nuts running around them with a camera and taking photos of thier vehicles.   But just before the departed I was able to get a nice group shot.         #5  Jamei Eisman