Other 4 X 4's
After all, the Hummer is not the only 4 X 4 Out There!
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R.O.W.  - River Of the World
International Exploration & Development
WEB Site www.row.org
Defender 110 
This was a group I came across as I was heading back to Houston from New Orleans.

Alan Dobbs 97 Defender 90, He inform me that the 97's are the last to come to the US due to new safety requirements next year.  Not easy to see, but the roll cage/bars are mounted to the outside around the front window. This works out great for keeping the branches from chipping of the paint on the corners. 
Also Check out his Web Site.
Here was a Chevy, now it called Radioactive. Custom made for fun.
La Porte Tx, D.A.R.E. - One of many that they now have.