MileMarker Winch
Winch shown here is with out the control valve mounted. Two levers control the high (@1800 lb) or low (@10,500 lb) speed. Only two hoses are used since the control valve mounts right to the winch motor.
First thing I had to do was to turn the "A" frame arm bolts around. It required that I jack the front end up a little, and loosen up the bolt shown here. It requires a 1 1/8 wrench on both sides. At first this looked hard, but was really easy to do. The drivers side was a little tight due to the brake caliper being just about in the way. 
Here is the drivers side once it was turned around. Turning the bolts around was required because this is also where the new bumper/mount mounts too. Once you have the new bumper mounted, the bolts are to be tightened down to 261 lb-ft.
The control valve mounts to the motor with four bolts that require a 1/4 allen wrench. Then the hose fitting are connected, with two 90 deg. elbows going next to the solenoids like so.
I removed only one line and that was the line that goes between the steering gear box and the brake hydro-booster. 
Here is the motor with the hydraulic controller mounted to it.
Here is the hydro-booster and the new line to the winch control valve line input, that the one with the 2 90 degrees angles on it (shown above). Here on the hydro-booster I added a 45 degree angle that was in the kit to help keep the sharp bend out of the hose.
The remote.
As you can see here the winch does not stick out or ....
hang below the frame.
Here on the side of the truck, next to the radio antenna, I mounted the jack for the winch remote.  This way the circuit breaker and jack is out of  the water and less chance for the jack to get any corrosion in it. The jack on most if not all winch will have constant power and is prone to corrosion. Always put electric grease in the jack to help prevent corrosion, this also goes for trailer connections too.
mmwinch_front.jpg (200096 bytes) Updated photos: March 2001, Since installing it, I have mounted the license plate on a 1/4 think piece of aluminum plate with 3 super strong magnets from an old computer hard drive. When I need access to the winch line or the low gear range lever, I can simply remove the license plate and get full access to it.
mmwinch_left.jpg (171664 bytes) Left side view after being mounted.
mmwinch_right.jpg (164842 bytes) Right side view after being mounted. Here you are clear access to the high gear setting
mmwinch_bluesteal.jpg (158367 bytes) I know it looks funny, but this is not your normal blue nylon rope, but something much better, it is called AmSteel Blue, Amsteel Blue * is a non-stretchable rope made from UHMWPE or
(" Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber ") This is 3/8 AmSteel Blue and has a Average Strength (Lb) of 20,445 LB.  NOTE!!  Make sure your shackle have the 90 deg. bracket mounted behind them as seen in the photo.  Without it you can bend your bumper.
mounts-hoses.jpg (113901 bytes) I also had to cut some the lower radiator hose a little shorter so that my winch would not rub up against the lower radiator hose and wear a hole in it.
mounts-washers-bottom.jpg (202083 bytes) I also had to install some washers between the  corner mounting bracket and the frame, otherwise I could not get the holes to line up just right.
mounts-washers-top.jpg (67402 bytes) You will see they are used on all three of the mounting bolts.
lic-mount.jpg (153590 bytes) This is the backside view of my license plant mount that was made from some 1/4" scrap aluminum plate and the magnet was inlaid and epoxied into place.

Make sure the shackle have the tow Hook Support brackets  - P/N listed below:

06001552 - Tow Hook Support - LH
06001553 - Tow Hook Support - RH

12,000 MileMarker !

Mvc-104x.jpg (148038 bytes)Mvc-105x.jpg (137485 bytes)Mvc-106x.jpg (163743 bytes)Mvc-107x.jpg (203902 bytes)Mvc-108x.jpg (195934 bytes)Mvc-109x.jpg (158626 bytes)Mvc-110x.jpg (152803 bytes)

The above photos are of a new 12,000 lbs MileMarker winch.  The best improvements I see are the levers for the high/low settings. This winch was not for a Hummer, so I don't know if it would fit a Hummer or not.

The following info is for the owners of the Warn Winch that is the factory installed winch and was sent from Warn.

Warn Winch - ECL - Emergency Bypass service memo

Winch Testing by outside testing groups.