Camber Adjustment Tool for 2 Piece Run Flats.

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This is a tool that you must have if you are going to be dealing with Two Piece Run Flats.
The tool fits into the camber plate to tighten down the Run Flats to the rim.
This is the back side of the Run Flat, and is the plate that the camber bolts screws into.
The Run Flats come in mating pairs.  By the way, this can be a mess job with the grease that is used on the Run Flats.
You will need to place the Run Flats inside the tire that is already half way on the rim. You will be working inside the tire and will need to place both camber adjustment bolts in place and have them down snug, but not tight at this point.  The Run Flat mist be installed with the outside wall of the tire un-mounted.  The Run Flats have an outside and and inside, make sure the are on right.
Once you have the bolts in place, you will need to place the tool on the camber plates.
And adjust both sides until tight against the rim.  Once you have it in tight, you will need to tighten down the bolt and install the locking clip and screw it down using one of the four holes.  You should have screws for each hole of the camber plate that screws into the rubber of the run flat to hold the camber plate in place.
Once nice and tight, you are ready to place the outer side of the tire on the rim.