Steering Wheel - Change out

Getting tired of the old Stock Hummer steering wheel and I went out looking for a new one.  Found a Grant Challenger series P/N 414 as seen here on their website Grant Products 414 Challenger Series. It looks nice and feels ok in the box. Once getting the Steering Wheel, I found the adaptor kit info on the back of the box for the Hummers, it is Kit # 4270 and the picture on the box is not 100% what you get, but it is close.

After getting all the parts together and ready for installing I removed the old steering wheel and installed the new one, only to find that the adaptor kit creates about 3/8 inch gap between the column and looks awful if you ask me.

July of 2003, Mr. Joey Ferrari of Grant  sent me a updated adaptor kit to check out and he stated that they have corrected the mounting problems that I was having and that I should be much happier with this kit. He also stated that there is an option where I can have my horn in the center of the steering wheel like most normal cars & trucks, but I must get the extra part from auto parts store or a dealership.   This is great ! At last I get my wish, a horn in the center!



First Generation Adaptor Kit


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Please note that the above pictures are the first generation adaptor kit and since July 2003, I now have a new version of this that corrects the above problems.  New photos to come soon  (Sept 21, 2003).

Check out the Grant Product  web site for more more steering wheels, I think if this new kit works out as good as they say it does, I plan on getting a newer steering wheel. For me, the Challenger 440 is nice, but I find the gap in the 4 spoke version gets is small and gets in the way of my way went flipping the turn signal and I am thinking I may go to the 860 version.



Last updated on Thursday September 18, 2003