Steering Shaft U-Joints
This is one of those grease fittings that seems to miss out on the grease gun if taken to some place that does not know of al the grease points.  I known of mine being a little troublesome, but until later down the road, I did not know what the problem was.  And what will happen is while you are driving and as you go to make a slight turn, you will come up against a little tension at first, then suddenly it's easy.  And as time goes on, it will happen more and more.

My history with this started after getting my Hummer back in early 96.  The problem would repeat even after the dealership "Fixed it", and after multiple complaints, they replaced the gear box.  For a good while, the problem was gone,  then one day, it did it again, so I greased all three of the grease fittings and while doing so, I noticed the amount of play with in the u-joint that was connected to the gear box.  Greasing the u-joint did fix the problem as far as it being stiff on me, but I could see it would have to be replaced soon.

I called to see about getting the u-joint from the dealership, but that item is not available, the only way that item can be fixed is by buying a complete steering shaft (Intermediate Shaft # 12339210 2B1) for $225 +.

While having the time to pull the steering shaft out, I removed the u-joint and tried to find a replacement.  I ended up at a truck parts shop and they found just what I needed.  It was a DT92 by Drivetrain, and it fit just right Vendor was Northwest Drive Train, 11329 FM 529, Houston, TX. 713-937-8499.

Here is the old u-joint once I got it apart.  Getting it apart took some work.  First you had to remove the "C" clips and if you have a press, just punch out the old bearings, if not, you can use a hammer.
Replacement part, by DriveTrain # DT92  cost about $21
As you can see, the bearings are dry, and this did have grease coming out from all over.
New u-joint installed.
Shaft, completed and painted, ready for installation, the easy part.