Power Windows

Hummers do have the power window & lock option, but when I got mine it did not have them.  Reaching over to the passanger side is next to impossible and so added power windows was a must.  For about $120-$150, you can get power window kits for just about any car or truck.  Since getting this kit, I have seen one other power window kit that I think is better, but not having it or installing one, I really do not know how well it worked.  This unit that I got is okay, and they had two models, one standard, and the other a quieter model.  The Quieter model also allow you to manually crank up or down the windows, but you must pop of the cover to connect the "emergency hand crank"

The switch package included a master control with locking of the power to the windows in order to child proof the windows.

The motor drive unit is mounted up high, unlike the factory unit and mount high was a must if you go into water.

The power window kit that I got did not come with switches as part of the kit. An optional package was ordered with the kit. The manufact of the kits really did not have what I call a good mount for the switch or much of an option of how you can mount them.  So I took a small plastic box from Radio Shack, cut it, and mounted the switch to it.  Now that I have them mounted, they came out with a surface mounted switch option.  Oh well.
The old window crank is covered as you can see here.  I wished that they made a cover plate with a low profile switch on it. The power could have been handled by a relay.  Maybe next time I look, they will have it.