Engine Pre-Luber - An Engine Saver

I am putting back the name "engine saver" in the title, since they have failed to reply to any of my emails that I send to them.

This page was once titled with the words "Engine" and "saver" with a space between them under the words Engine Pre-luber, but due to some jack ass lawyer "Joel S Goldhammer" jgoldhammer@akingump.com and his client "Flight Systems",  I had to change it because it was "trade marked". So I guess this means if I trade mark the words "jack ass" I can go a round and waste money telling every one that the name "jack ass" is a trade mark and they cannot use the name or post it.  I bet this jack ass wishes he had a Hummer too and I guess if he keeps this up he will be able to collect from his client to have one too (what a lawyer will do for a buck), anyway, take the "jack ass" out below and you have once known title to this page. 

Engine Pre-Luber
An Engine "jack ass" Saver (please take the "jack ass" out)
The black pump just to the left is the engine pre-luber. The pump start to work right as to turn the key to start the engine, in about 10 seconds the engine has full oil pressure. This oils down all the required engine parts. And once the engine is turned off, the pumps starts again to help cool of the engine bearings and will run for about 1 minute. 

Noisy in the cab while it is running when mounted here. But since I have mounted down by the oil pan, and on the frame, it's a lot quieter.

The oil is picked up at the bottom of the oil pan using the oil drain plug. 
This is the optional oil filter adapter that goes between the engine and the oil filter. (Standard in the kit from Stinger) 

From the pump it is fed to the oil filter and then to the rest of the engine, and back to the oil pan.

If you do not use the oil filter adapter you can pump the oil into the engine at the same place the oil pressure sending sense the pressure. This is what I had to do until I got the filter adapter because the one I was shipped was of the wrong size. The oil going into the engine is filtered with in the oil pump/pre-luber but not to the same degree as the regular oil filter does.

Monday November 04, 2002