More About My 93 Hummer
The 93 civilian Hummers are the last to use the non computerized diesel engine and transmission, Starting in 94, they made more changes from the standard military version Humvee.  Some of the changes that I know of are:
93 Hummers 94 & Newer Hummers
Engine 6.2 L Diesel 155 hp @ 3500 RPM 6.5 L Diesel 170 hp @ 3400 RPM (97)
Governor Mechanical Electronic
Engine Displacement 379.4 cu. in 396 cu. in.
Torque 285 lb-ft. @ 2000 rpm 290 lb-ft. @ 1700 rpm
Max. Speed (Mfg. ratings) 65 mph 83 mph (turbo & non turbo)
Max. Speed (experienced) 71 mph 85 mph, 95 mph (turbo engine)
Acceleration 0-60 19.6 sec. Mfg. Rating - I feel it's a little better then this. 19.6 Mfg. Ratings - but really it is better then that.
Transmission Turbo Hydra Matic 400 3 speed 
Max. torque input 451 lb-ft. 
Gear ratios 2.48:1, 1.48:1, 1.0:1 - Rev 2.08:1
4L80-E 4 speed 
Max. torque input 440 lb-ft. 
Gear ratios: 2.48:1, 1.48:1, 1.0:1, 075:1 - Rev 2.08:1
A/C Unit mechanical controls Computerized - works better
Ground clearance Front-end is lower  Front-end now sits higher
Seating - leg room Cross bar behind  Removed cross bar - more leg room
Battery compartment Under front right seat Under hood next to right tire

Engine: The 6.2 l diesel engine just like the Chevy Suburban's by in 85-86.  No computer controls the engine, so I guess if we should have a nuclear blast, my truck should still keep on running since it is mechanical and this is like most of the military version Hummer's or Humvee's.  The engine was changed out to the 6.5l either due to Detroit Diesel who discontinued the making of the 6.2 version engine. But the 6.5 l is a standard off the line engine now used in the diesel GMC & Chevy trucks and Suburban. The 6.2 has been a great engine as far as I know.  I would have liked a Cummins Diesel in it, but I do not know if it would fit neither do I have the money to try it.

Transmission: 3 Speed HD Turbomatic 400 will get up to 71-72 mph before the engine governor holds it back.  The newer 4 speed automatic transmissions will do 85 mph plus, and I have heard of the turbo's doing 95 mph.  The military spec. for the Humvees are for it to do 55 mph, so I guess when they designed it, no one figured on going over 70 mph so the gear ratio meet the requirements for the military.  The civilians demanded more speed, so starting in 94, 4 speed computerized transmission was used.  This and the engine are a standard setup for GM trucks used today.
My Hummer itself weighted in at 7380 lbs. with the only extra equipment being the 5 ammo boxes that have 10 feet of chain, jumper cables, and tow straps.  Half tank of fuel, and me out of the truck.  Compared to my 96 2 wheel drive 3/4 ton Suburban empty weight of 6020 lbs.

The 98's base weight in as followed:

Curb Weight 2 door hard top 4 Door Hard Top 4 Door Open Top 4 Door Wagon
Diesel 6390 lbs. 6790 lbs. 6640 lbs. 6980 lbs.
Turbo Diesel 6460 lbs. 6860 lbs. 6710 lbs. 7050 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight 10,300 lbs. 10,300 lbs. 10,300 lbs. 10,300 lbs.
 Some of the other properties are:
Hummer Comparison
Length 184.5 inches About the same as a Ford Explorer
Maximum Height 75 inches Suburban - 75 inches
Width (with out mirrors 86.5 inches Suburban - 76.7 inches
Ground Clearance 16 inches 
Turning Radius 26.5 feet
Cruising Range 200-275 miles on hard surface
Fuel Tank (Stock) 25 gallons but I can only get about 20 
Fuel Economy 13.5 mpg, but I get about 11-12 gph

Service - Service requirements are just like any other 4x4 truck, with a few extra items.

History note: PE137451 was 1 of 3 '93 Wagons to be painted R1, Medium Gloss
Red and was 1 of only 11 total '93 HUMMERs to receive that color.  It started in
production on 12/16/92 and was complete and available for shipping on
1/22/93.  M.S.R.P. was $57,918

More to come -