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Upon getting the Hummer one of the things I wanted was the original style lights on the Hummer. First item was the front turn signal/parking lamps. They are complete with "Black Out lights" for night time military use and 24 volt bulbs, and the color military green and are made of a metal. Painted them red like my truck, changed out the bulbs, (1156 for the turn signal light and used 67 bulbs for the parking lights) and installed them. The "black Out" part of them do not work right now, but I will getting then working for the fun of it. 

Front Amber Lights: The cost was about $25.00, part number MS52126-2 Front Amber Comp. Light-Pair. From Ordnance Unlimited (818)700-2905.

This the orginal civilian lamp that comes with the civilian Hummers.  For me they are just not as bright compared to what I think they should be like. And they just don't look like they fit here the military versions do. It's a square signal lamp in a some what hexagon hole.
As you can see, I also change out the rear lights too. They too came in green, with 24 volt bulbs and are make from plastic. Changing these out was not as easy, I later found out that the "tail light buckets" had to be changed out. And after a little hunting around I found them. Then the installation was easy. Painted the lights black, and changed out the 24 volt bulbs to 12 volts, 1156 for the brake bulb, a 67 for the tail light bulb and 98's for the two blackout positions. Drill out the rivets old tail light buckets, and pop in the new ones, (no cutting was required, after all I am putting back the original lights), pop riveted the new bucket in place, and installed the new tail lights. Black Out lights to be wired and in operation later. 

Tail lights: Part # 12316575 (RR Composite light-pair) about $25, from Ordnance Unlimited, (818) 700-2905. 

Tail light Bucket: Part # "Tail Light Buckets", cost about $15.00 each, Supplier: Surplus Enterprizes (no, I did not spell that wrong), (616)651-3707 

D.O.T. Regulations: In order to meet DOT a red reflector must be added to either side of the rear of the vehicle. (not shown) and a reverse light to the rear must be added. 

Not shown are two new flood lights used for the reverse lights that really light up the rear area and are a lot better then the stock lights. Also I added a back up beeper.

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