Conversion to LED's Lights
Front and Rear


Update May 13, 2007, I found some new front turn signal LED lamps on eBay that I likes and this is a move back the civilian style lights once again. I never really liked my half ass make shift front lights using the military light housing and at the time back when I did the change, the military LED lights also did not meet DOT codes and they where not so bright looking. Since then, the military LED lights have changed, so have the civilian LED lights too. And while driving on the highway, I saw a number of trucks with this new square LED turn signal lamp that was a replacement for the stock ones that came with the Hummer back in 93. Well thanks to eBay once again, I found the same LED lights and had to get them.

2007-05-13, LED Turn Signals Lamps

Only thing is, they are in chrome, and I need to remove them once again, and paint them black.

Since the new front turn signal LED lamps are also more visible from the sides, and brighter, they are much better then the LED lamps that I had, so much so that now I want to get a new generation of the tail lights that I have in now shown below.


First I had the stock Hummer lights, then I checked to the Military lights, then I changed out the military light's lens to a 4 inch round red LED pack by TruckLite, (non-military standard) now have changed then out to the type below with amber as the turn light. 

I will re-wire the tail lights to have amber turn signal and red brake lights instead of the just having red brake and turn signals.  

The lights here are by TruckLite

After making about 5 shapes, to pick from, and help from others on which design was best, I now have the lights installed and looking the same on both sides of the rear. The mounts are made from a sheet of ABS plastic 1/8" think, and is 3 layers thick, the outside that you see, the plate behind the body, and the last layer that holds the LED packs in place and was made with a router to shape it as needed. I will get some black screws to finish the outside and will make a plate to protect the rear side of the lights from the mud and water from the tires.

MVC-663X.jpg (175588 bytes)MVC-664X.jpg (168603 bytes)MVC-665X.jpg (221263 bytes)MVC-667X.jpg (131724 bytes)MVC-668X.jpg (135202 bytes)MVC-673X.JPG (175322 bytes)

MVC-670X.jpg (131945 bytes) Normal state: Parking lights.
MVC-672X.jpg (145394 bytes) Brake lights and Emergency flashers
MVC-669X.jpg (138029 bytes) Emergency flashers only.

The following is now just old stuff

After almost having the rears completed, I started on the front. For now I have replaced the Military lens and the 4 inch round LED light pack from TruckLite making the mount for the front from 3/16" ABS plastic. Nothing fancy right now. I am thinking on using the same rear amber turn lights for the front, but I am not sure it will match the rest of the truck since it has round headlights.  I will think on it a while.

MVC-674X.JPG (180471 bytes)MVC-675X.JPG (204149 bytes)MVC-676X.JPG (181963 bytes)MVC-678X.JPG (120063 bytes)MVC-677X.JPG (128312 bytes)MVC-679X.JPG (139378 bytes)

After getting them wired in, the heavy duty flasher that I have didn't work right and I had to wire in a small parking lamp to each of the front two turn lamps and I did that under the dash.  This also screwed up my daytime running lights with the relays, so I came up with a new idea and re-wired the DTRL circuits with some diodes, a relay, and a 2000 MFD capacitor and it worked out great. 

TruckLites where from: Houston Truck Parts, 1703 N. Wayside, Houston TX 77020  713-675-5694 (TruckLite)

If you like to get a set of Military LEDs lights for the Hummer, check:

Real 4 WD.Com -  Hummers and parts for sale  - America Hummer


Last updated on Sunday, May 13, 2007