Light Bar & Lights

After off roading many times in the woods, my old lights where getting in the way just too many times.  So I have been out looking for something new.   I was thinking about a light bar like that used on police cars - Whelen 8000 but with all clear lens. But could not find the rights lights that I wanted.   Wanted HID's office lights, but until now, I could only find big round lights, some like I had and some even bigger and would not fix my problem.

Then came the Eagle Eye's HID 965 Off road driving lights.  In the past, all the HID's where about $1,000 a set, well, here is a set for $600.  First I figured they would be cheesy, and not built to last, so, I order one set of driving lights, and one set of off road lights. The out come, WOW! The off road set was GREAT, and was unlike more other set of lights that I have seen, kinda alien looking. Built, very nice! and well put together to last.  They look like they have polycarbonate lens that should hold up well.  They also come with a nice wiring kit that will let you wire up your lights under the hood, and with out running any wire inside the cab, you have this wireless switch (see below).  

Next plan was to find a place for the lights, first I was going to place them on the light bar since they are lower, but after thinking about it, and seeing that they will fit behind the luggage rack, I decided that I needed to make the rack longer some how.  I had made up some drawings on  ACAD and was going to have some one build it for me, and after a few dead ends (one from a welders who did not want the job, another who wanted way too much),  I decided I would build it myself with a little help from my friends.  

The cost of the extension to my rack was just $29 in raw material, and $85 for powder coating it, plus my labor, the plate that the lights are mounted to was another $85. How did I end up putting it all together? Well it started out with my friend, Alan of getting a new TIG welder, a girl who use to weld who needed to practice, and me with a plan.

I ended up welding most of the rack together after seeing how my welder did a few welds and seeing just what the trick to doing it was,  I figured I too could learn and do the same. And I did, after a few hours of playing with the TIG welder, I was ready to start putting my rack together. After about 3 weekends of part time welding, my rack was ready  for powder coating. And I took it down to this place called Industrial Powder Coating after one of our other Hummer owners recommended the place.  They really did a great job !!  Now I want to get more work done by them, but anyway....

Got it all together, mounted and in place with a minor learning errors along the way, some worked to my advantage. Here in the photos below is how I have them right now, but I still have a few more things to add before this is complete to my plans that will include another set of off road driving lights for the ends, and a new modified Code 3 remote spot light with will going in the center after I move the center set of lights out a bit.

Little note: I first placed the lights right to the edge of the plate, but later found that the lights where so bright that it made the hood also as bright.  So now I have a few minor changes, and have placed the lights about 6 inches back from the edge of the plate to shield any light from the hood.  And will will require me to re-think about my remote spot light.  More on that later.


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May 2002, New plans on some new HID lights from McCulloch Motors 


Luggage Rack


This here was my old light bar, I had more lights on it after taking this photo.

DrivingLights.jpg (212217 bytes) This light bar is from Stinger Accessories. It has places to mount 6 lights. The light bar is a gutter mounted bracket and is well made. My wires for the light bar are run through a hole used for the marker lamps and go down to the drivers side foot well where I have all my power & relays for lights and accessories. I ran a 10 ga. wire for each mounting post, (a total of 6). Once day I hope to add the HID lights, but first the cost will have to come down ($550 each). So for right now I have two 100 watt seal aircraft landing lights installed and they are great. This bar is also great for protecting against the bushes and branches while taking the scenic routes (And the AM/FM antenna).