The following HID lights I have been looking at getting are  made by Eagle Eye.   The price in this photo below was a miss print.

On or off road, drive safely with the brightest lights this side of the sun! They not only produce brighter, whiter light, they're also more efficient. The extra UV content in their light output lets you see phosphors in clothing, road signs and road markings easier than ever before--a safety must! There's no bulb filament to fail, so lights last longer. Key fob remote control switch turns lights on from up to 250 ft. away (helps you spot car in a packed lot) and also simplifies installation by eliminating drilling and wiring through the firewall. Includes: two HID lights (35 watts, 3.8 amps each) with heavy-duty cast aluminum housing; two ballasts (3 3/4" X 3 3/4" x 1 1/2) with 11 II cord to lights: pre-wired harness; mounting brackets (stainless steel on A and B, chrome-plated die-cast metal on C); relay; remote control; instructions. 12V negative ground.  

SUPER-WHITE LIGHTS. The look of HID lights but at a fraction of the cost. These lights incorporate the same light assemblies and brackets as above, but have special super-white 55-watt halogen bulbs. Includes: 2 lights, pre-assembled wiring harness; illuminated switch; relay; instructions. 12V negative ground. Remote control kit sold separately below.

Type W X H X D
A. Round Driving Lights (SAE compliant) 4" X 4" X 4 3/4
B. Rect. Driving Lights 5 7/8" X 2 3/4" X 4 5/8"
C. Oval (Off-Road) 7 7/8" X 4 5/8" X 4 11/16"

REMOTE CONTROL KIT FOR OUR SUPER-WHITE LIGHTS AND ALL OTHER AUXILIARY LIGHTS. Switch fits on your key chain and illuminates lights from up to 250 ft. away. Kit eliminates drilling and wiring through firewall to simplify light installation. Includes switch, control box, relay, pre-assembled wiring harness, connectors, instructions.

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Well, seeing the ad, I could not wait any longer and so I ordered a few sets, I got 2 of the Off-road version and 1 set of the round driving lights. (December 99)

Since getting the lights, I have built an extension to the rack, my rack now extends about 6 inches ahead in front of the windshield.  I have removed the old Stinger light bar and installed the new off-road lights inside the cargo area of the rack. I have made spacing for a total of 6 lights, 4 of them are the HID version.  

The light pattern of the Off-road lights is tight, great for long range, but not so great short range wise. My last set to go in will be the Super White version off-road lights and I will look for some short range flood lights for the sides and maybe something else for the front.

If you are looking for set of the HID lights above, contact Jen at and he will give you a better deal then JCW.

Aug 10th, 2001 Update:  I just in stalled two sets of the rectangular style driving lights to my Suburban and they are great.  I was only planning on one set for use with my low beam headlights, but while I was playing with the setting of the lights, I saw how well they would also work with the high beams if angled higher. So, the set that I was going to place on the Hummer, now are going to the Suburban.  Check the photos of how they look in my MileMarker winch mount.

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