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Allan Madar
Houston, Texas!

It's a Bright Red, 1993, Serial #137451, 4-door Wagon, 6.2 liter Diesel, runflats with the standard highway tires, Hummer brushguard, 10,500-lb. 2 speed MileMarker winch, aluminum rocker panel protection, heavy-duty bumper, Federal PA300 police siren (makes for a better horn!), Garmin GPS III - GPS System tied to a Pentium Color notebook PC with the DeLorem MapExpert & DeLorme Streets Atlas USA (Great for traveling, points out right where you are at all times, who needs maps? Not I!), Garmin roof mount GPS antenna, an electronic compass/temperature/map light combo mirror from Mito Corp., (now I need one of those mirrors for my other truck) the Wilderness 6' X 6' Deluxe luggage rack, Military version amber light & rear lights (not shown in above photos), Aux. reverse light, batteries under the right side seat, 800 Mhz Johnson trunk radio with phone patch, Northpoint LoPro 800 Mhz antenna, Midland 40 Ch CB, K40 Antenna, Digital speedometer, Prestige alarm system, After market power locks & windows with lots more to come!

It s my dream come true! Since 1985 it was the truck of my dreams, never really thought that I would ever get to own one. January of 96, it became real. Bought it from Auggie @ Ron Carter in Alvin Tx. who was a real help in making my dream come true. It was a 3-month ordeal, but I got it!

I am not much for the mud, but I love the water, the sands, and the river banks, as you can tell from the pictures. My wife Linda, tells me that she feels safe in it with the Houston traffic, but tells me she will not drive it, it's too wide! Imagine that!


It's a shower of fun in a Hummer! 

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All photos on this page where taken with a standard 35mm camera,
Developed and scanned by Seattle Filmworks
Check them out, they even have a FREE Intro Kit. 
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