Here how is looks at this time (Nov. 10th, 1997), Remember, it's still not complete. 
Side view, the hood scoop is level with the grounds, it is about 6 inches tall at the front of the scoop.
I am thinking of adding some sort of wire grill to the scoop to help keep out the leaves and other trash..

July 17th 98, Update:

    Well over the winter time I had removed the hood scoop since it was not needed.  And only just in July I re-installed it before my trip to Uvalde Tx (July 4th 98) and with the temperatures at or about 100 deg f. outside now, it would be a good time to really test it.

    Well, only days before installing the scoop, Houston weather was up at 100 deg .f., on the highway, running full speed engine would run hotter then normal, but not by too much.  Gear shift lever and brake level would get hot to the touch, foot well was hot also.

    With the hood scoop installed, and on my trip to Uvalde, I found no longer did I have a hot gearshift & brake lever, but also a cooler foot well.  Engine never got above 190 deg F. (Normally operating temperature) while on the highway or on the trails while driving slow.  Very pleased with the operation of the hood scoop.  Now I need to go and get it painted.

October 31, 1998 Update:

    It's almost a year later and I finally got it painted. It's now glossy black and I have decided not install any screening but installed it over the original louvers. Looks great! See next page