Hummer Fuel sending unit
If you are having problem with you fuel guage not reading correctly, you may want to replace the sending unit with a ISSPRO sending unit. The sending unit is 14 inches long and will just about to the bottom of the tank. 

The sending unit above replaces item #8 in drawing #2 below.

93 Fual Tank drawings 1  2

Fuel Tanks - German, French and where you can find them.
It's a reconditioned like new French Mil. Issue 5 L (or about 5 gallons) "Jerry Can". They are ideal for storage for  for gasoline, diesel, oils, and water.  And for the cost, you cannot beat them.  I have bought a bunch of these and been happy with every one I got. 

I have found them in a few places with price ranging from $12 - $50 as they are, and as much as $80 painted red.  Personally, I like them black,  as they come. 

It does not come with a nozzle, so that a little extra, but you don't need one per can in most cases. 

Size 13.5 X 18 X 5 inches.  Weighs 7.5 lbs. 

Places I have found them at a good to fair price, and most of the time I find the out of stock, so you may have to wait on them.

Sportsmans Guide
Search for "Jerry Can"
A99M-31867 - Reconditioned French Mil 5-Gallon Can.   $ 11.97  (Jan-99)
A99M-13473 - New "Jerry Can" Metal Nozzle  $6.97 (Jan-99)
Or both can & Nozzle $ 17.97

Mass Army Navy - Now this place states that they are "NEW"
MEB1044 German 5 Litter Gas Can  $16.99

I have ordered a few from Mass Army Navy and are on back order, so when they get here I will let you know if they are "new" or "reconditioned".  I would like to see if they really are "NEW"