Electrical System Add On's
Digital speedometer/tech., an old Heath Kit back from 1981 (Tachometer part is not hooded ups yet). The stock speedometer is mechanical and had broken the gear in the transfer case or the 90 dig. gear box in the past..  I used a small magnetic pickup coil and a few magnets on the shaft to get my speed pulses.
Quartz Halogen 7" Headlights using H4 bulbs and are great. They reduce the glare to the on coming drivers allot better then the standard headlight used here in the US and yet give better lighting for the driver (me). Mfg. Zelmot - Made in Poland

I now have changed out the bulbs to true HID bulbs for some really great lighting.

This ad is from  JCL Whitney , and tells more about it. Click on the photo for larger image (it's large).   

(Now I know they say for off-road use, but that is because they are not yet DOT approved.  But I would not use them if they where to cause problems for the on coming drivers.  In fact they shine even less light to the on coming driver then and most DOT approved sealed beam headlights that most cars & trucks are equipped with now here in the US.

Note, if you are going to drive where the headlights many be under water, they will leak and will get water in the lens. And can crack if they are HOT and you submerge them in water.  But normal use, I have never had any problems with them.  Use some sealant around the rubber boot and the drain hole to help seal the bulbs from water.

March 99,  I changed to Hella DOT approved headlights and find them just about as good and well worth the investment for any one who must drive at night.   Check out this site for some good information on Hella lights & good prices: Susquehanna MotorSports   Also check out the bulbs, like the 78150 H4 Xenon/Halogen gas mixture bulb, not a whole lot brighter, but they are a little whiter.

Dec 99, Found HID light bulbs and changed out the bulbs of my headlamps.  REALLY great lighting, nice and white. But the light pattern on the road was still not just how I wanted to see it.  So I got a new set of Zelmot Leaded Crystal headlights from JC Whitney and I am a happy with the results of the HID & the Zelmot headlights.  See my section on lights for more info. 

My removable switch box made with mostly Radio Shack parts and a 8 pin modular phone jack that connected to the high current relays below was great. But it was later removed when I finally made a new switch console in the dash.  Another set of switches that I will be installing are from JC Whitney and will be used on my new center console that I am making (Fall 2000) and I will let you know how they work out when I get them and install them.
The high current relay panel located in the foot well (left side is up). Some of the relays still spares, but with me always adding something new, it won't be long before I add more.

7 of the relays where used for lights on the light & luggage rack and will be moved to a new  electrical box on the rack to help reduce the number of large wires used for the lights on the rack.