Day Time Running Lights - Add on

Here are the three relays uned to control the DTRL to connect to the leads from the turn signal switch. Lights come on when the engine is started, and turn off once parking lights are turned on (night time use). 6 conections made, 2 left side light, 2 right side lights, power (ing. pwr) and parking light signal.
Here is is sealed with hot glue to protect against any shorts.
Connections made at the turn signals leads with quick dis-connects.
Wires tucked into place.
Day Time Running Lights - On.

DTRL-wiring.gif (14907 bytes) This wiring diagram uses the 30A Bosh or 40/30A Potter & Brumfield relays instead of what I used in the Hummer as shown above.   The whole setup should not cost you more then $20 in parts depending on where you get your relays.   I have seen the relays as low as $3 each. They can wired so that either your parking lights or your headlights will turn them off when you turn your lights on. A 5 amp fuse to terminal B for 2 bulb in your system would be also good to add in line.
DTRLDiagram.gif (15354 bytes) A nice color Version by one of my readers.