Cruise Control !  At Last !
Finally I installed a cruise control in the Hummer.  This was something I have been wanting every time I go out on a trip. And it was about time, why I waited so long then,  you ask?  Few delay where due to: Well, finally after looking a round locally and not finding what I needed and going no where with J.C. Whitney, I call J.C. Whitney and ordered the same cruise control that I wanted for the Hummer, but told them it was for my 82 Suburban (not that I really have an 82 Suburban, but that is what I had to tell them.) that had the 6.2L N/A diesel engine.  Well in just over a week, here come the UPS with my cruise control.  This was a cruise control that was shipped direct from the manufacture located in Dallas Texas.

In the instructions for installing the control linkage, they did not list the 6.2L Diesel engine, only gasoline engines.  So I called the mfg.. to see if they had a recommend way of installing the linkage to the diesel engine.  They where of not help as if they didn't intend to make it work on a diesel engine.  And when I finally told them it was for a Hummer, they where of even less help.  Now I know why they did not have it in-stock, because they didn't know what was need for a Hummer. Or maybe they are the OEM for the Hummers now and have some sort of contract with AMG, like my mirror I got that is used by AMG.

Anyway, after looking over the linkage I figuring what and how I was going to do it.

Now the stock controls I did not like, and could not use. They sent me the control for a car with wiper delay on the turn signal, of which the Hummer does not have.  If you want the controls on the wiper, like most normal drivers would, you will need to order the controls that will mount to the Hummer turn signals. I like my controls to be on my right side since I drive mostly with my left hand.

The Controls:  JCW sent me a small control panel that is surface mounted and could be placed just about any where. That part number is 204-4110, Click here for picture of the controls.

The Cruise Control was ordered from J.C. Whitney, P/N 78DN7618F.
The Mfg. is SCS/Frigette and their P/N are listed below:

SCS 4365  Cruise Control  $229.95  (4/99)
208-3609  Speed Sensor 

204-4110  Switches - 2 button, and on/off sw.  (option) 


Note: The kit also came with a speed sensor that connected to the odometer cable, and normally the 93 Hummer's have this, but I replaced my speedometer with an electronic one because the cable was always giving me problems. So instead of using this sensor, I am using 2 magnets and a coil that are a part of one of a other speedometers that I installed.  If you are installing on e 94 or newer Hummer, you would normally connect the blue wire the back of to speedometer (sig) input.
Throttle body before I installed the cruise control linkage.
Foot peddle throttle linkage.
Throttle control lever.
2 Holds drilled (10X32)
Mvc-005e.jpg (5433 bytes) Spacer to give a little extra space between the throttle control cable and the cruise control cable.
Drilled, tapped and ready to go.
Control cable mounted. Note: I did not use the crimp to hold the cable in place that came with the kit, instead I used a small hose clamp. The hose clamp I figured would hold better then the crimp and could be adjust if needed later.
Another shot of the control cable mounted.

I have a few more pictures to come - Dash Control, Servo Controller, and other controls that did not fit my Turn Signal switch.

Operations:  This cruise control held the speed better then any cruise control I have ever used.  Using a GPS System to track the vehicle's speed, this unit only varied about 0.25 mph on the highways, Up most hills it was right on track all the way. You cannot ask for much better. My factory install one on my 96 Suburban varies about 1 mph.

Another installation with a newer version unit:  This one has a little more info with the installation manual then mine, and the switches are also different then the ones that came with my unit.  Mounting hardware for the throttle linkage was also a lot easier and simple. Mounting hardware for the servo was also better and worked out great here on Chad's Hummer as seen here.  The installation was for the most part quick and easy, but we had a little problem with the speed sensor that mounted to the speedometer cable that would not come apart, and when it did, the threads where all wasted.  But we got it to work and on the first test run, it ran great.

Mvc-254f.jpg (83167 bytes)Mvc-256f.jpg (91883 bytes)Mvc-257f.jpg (85238 bytes)Mvc-261f.jpg (70299 bytes)

This unit that was ordered for Chad's Hummer was ordered from Aaron Air Dist, in Miami Florida:

Part # & descriptions
SCS-4342  Cruise Control - Import VDO (Installation Manual 1.3mb)
204-2125 Cruise Switch Assy. 4-Button
208-3606  Speed Sensor package