Dog House Up date - Sept, 14th - 18th 2000

Well, now that the main cover has been made, it has taken me more time to get all the little stuff in place.  This next section that was added to the top seem to have taken more of my time then building the first part. Part of this was due to figuring out how the get the air ducts that way I wanted and getting the top in line with the body of the Hummer.

This top cover has the duct work and is about ready to have the first vent installed on the right side. Openings for the radio have already been made, and I still have to add a few more holes for a AC outlet and controls, plus 1 or 2 cigarette lighter plugs for accessories.

To bend some of the corners I used a hot air gun shown here in the photos below.

Mvc-280f.jpg (72275 bytes)Mvc-281f.jpg (64783 bytes)Mvc-283f.jpg (78087 bytes)Mvc-287f.jpg (68714 bytes)


I am finally starting the rear section after re-engineering it a few times after I have already built part of it. So now I have a few more scraps to trash.  Nice thing about this plastic, if you done like a part you have made or you did not measure it right the first time, you can always cut a section out and re-do it and I can say, I had to do that myself already. 

Sept 15th updates:

Mvc-294f.jpg (62767 bytes)Mvc-297f.jpg (64625 bytes)

Sept 18th Updates

Still in a rush to get this ready for the Hummer Home Coming!  It's almost complete, well, complete enough ready to use for the outing.  I still have a lot more to go with it and already a few extra changes that I would like to make in the future, but that is a never ending thing here with me.  I added a few photos of my friends truck to show how much more room I now have as compared to the original dog house.  As of last night (3:00 AM) the last photo is how I left it after sitting in it for the last 3 1/2 hours taking a break and watching TV (DSS) on my new system, I will never get any thing done this way..

Mvc-320f.jpg (113871 bytes)Mvc-321f.jpg (113460 bytes)Mvc-322f.jpg (112624 bytes)Mvc-324f.jpg (130799 bytes)Mvc-323f.jpg (76183 bytes)Mvc-307f.jpg (59247 bytes)Mvc-308f.jpg (48833 bytes)Mvc-311f.jpg (36278 bytes)Mvc-325f.jpg (62131 bytes)

Still not completed, but it is a working system!  And had it in time for the Hummer Homecoming event.  

Things I would have done differently:

- More to come