Sept. 11th Updates on the new Console/Dog House

September 11th, 2000: I have been getting the hang of welding plastic for a few days building little boxes that I will later use on the truck.  My welding kit came with many different type of welding rods, and ABS was blue,  so I cut some 3/16 thick black plastic and started welding, with the blue on black, you can see just how it was going together .I was amazed at just how easy it was to weld a box together and how strong it was! I even tried using ABS plastic glue to put some parts together just to see how strong and quick it was to set, well my first welding job was many time strong then the glue!  In fact I even beat the box against the metal surface of my table saw, and the box took all that I could give it!  Seeing this, I have no fear of my welding job, and I know my new dog house is going to be tough.  

I had ordered some black ABS welding rods, 5 lbs. of 3/16 in a roll, about 480 ft. and 1 lb. of 1/8 in 4 foot rods about 50 rods. Since I have started the construction of my new dog house, I wished I have ordered the 5 lbs of 3/16 welding rod in 4 ft rods instead of the roll.  The 4 ft rods are much easier to use! After playing with the hot air welder, I added a voltage controller to it to lower the heat, and using about 3 PSI I found my ideal temperature and pressure for welding with the 3/16 rods and the 3/16 sheets of ABS plastic.

The weekend I worked on the dog house and spent two days on the planning and putting it together.  And since I only had plans in my head and not on paper, it is a piece by piece installation and planning project. First thing was to do, and make it so that I could get it in and out of the doors, so each section will be no more then 22 inches wide, so this gave me two major section to work on.   With this weekend over,  I have just about completed the front main section and is looking really good.

The front section had a few tricky sections, like around the gear shift levers, this took some time getting it right and playing with the heat gun and some hot fingers.  In this section I have made a home for some of the electronic controls for the new stereo, and built in the air ducts. I will be adding one more section to the top and this should just about complete this section.

Still to come will be the rear part of the dog house and the front side air ducts, inside the right front foot well and the cover to the two way radios and light above.  The following are some of the photos take in the last few days of construction.

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Below, shows the room now for the passenger and how it was before. The passenger's now how more room to spread their legs and more room for the feet.

Mvc-244f.jpg (54252 bytes)Mvc-249f.jpg (40959 bytes)