AC Unit installed and working.

The aux and main AC units are now connected as far the AC side of it goes.  I still need to do a little more plumbing for the hot water for the heater.  Right now  I wanted to make sure that the new AC unit was going to be able to handle the load and it did.  Today was almost 100 F and was a great day to see if it was going to work.  Starting out with both unit on full, the truck soon cooled down, so much so that I ended up putting both fans on low and with it as hot as it was today, that is great news.

My next step is to start on the console, and I have in my mind how I want it.  I have been working with my plastic welder to make sure I have it mastered before I start on the console.  So far I have been very pleased at how easy it was to weld and how strong it holds over glue.  The welding kit came with color coded rods, and the blue was the one for ABS plastic that I am using.  So my boxes that I have been building all have blue corners, but this was good so that I could see how I was doing.

I have started to build the area next to the brake and gear shift levers since that has a few curve I must deal with.  So far I have it all most they way I want it, but I have ran out of welding rods that my kit came with.  I have more coming, and it's black and is on order and should have it by next week. I have ordered 1/8" and 3/16" ABS welding rods.

The following are some photos taken of the two units before I wrapped the discharge lines with some thermal wrap. 

Mvc-024f.jpg (86960 bytes)Mvc-025f.jpg (77938 bytes)Mvc-027f.jpg (74660 bytes)Mvc-029f.jpg (80960 bytes)Mvc-031f.jpg (86014 bytes)Mvc-032f.jpg (91327 bytes)

Something I should have done: So far, most of it is going as planned.  Now that I have the units connected, I now find it a little harder then I was thinking it would have been to remove the engine cover in the even I need to work on the engine.  What I should have done, was to have moved my Aux unit back about 6 inches and placed the new unit back to back with the Aux unit so that nothing was covering the engine cover.  Due to the lines and the shift levers, it could not have been placed back to back to the Aux unit where is was originally mounted a few years ago, otherwise, it would have been fine.


More to come in a few week from now.  Aug 27, 2000.