Chad's Brake Job
April 11th, 1999
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As you look into the master Cylinder you can see on top on fluid, and what almost looks like to bottom, is another fluid and some water in it.

In the photo here, to the left was from the master clyinder, the lower liquid is DOT 5 fluid, the upper lquid is DOT 3 fluid. The nice purple liquid is fresh DOT 5 brake fluid from NAPA.
While removing the old caliper I noticed that the brake fluid was not looking very nice, in fact as it was filling the glass jar I could see what looked like a mixture of fluids.  Upon a closer look I found multi grades of brake fluid in the system.  In fact I found most of the brake fluid in the system to have been DOT 3 fluid, and just a little DOT 5
Here is the master cylinder after it was drained out and cleaned up.
After the brtake job was completed, some other repairs still had to be done,  the vent line and the CTIS line both where melted from the heat.  Some of the lines had to be replaced.