Chad's Brake Job
April 11th, 1999

Well this weekend I got the job of fixing Chad's rear brakes.  What had happened was his right rear caliper locked up and as a result, turned his rotor red hot.

Looking at the rotor and the caliper, you could tell it got really hot.  The caliper has failed to release the pressure of the pads and just cooked the day light of of them. The following items where replaced:

This is a shot taken just after I removed the caliper. AS you can see, the pads and rotor are orange from the heat that was generated when the caliper locked up.
The rotor was all orange, but I the Hummer a few miles to get it to my place to work on it. And it rubbed the rotor a little made it look just a little more like a rotor.  Before it was solid orange like it had been left out to rust for some time.
Another view of the rotor and pads.  The heat was so hot that the made the pad crumble around the edges..
Wasted brake pad.
Once the caliper was removed, I placed a clear jar below the brake like to catch the fluid and to see what it looked like. As you can see here it started out very dark.