Belts for the 92 & 93 Hummers

I have the 93 Hummer with a GM 6.2 L Diesel engine, the belt configuration has been changed by the dealership at the request of AMG.  The Alternator when I first got it had a single belt pulley and they changed it to a duel belt pulley.  They also changed the other belts too.  This change prevented the A/C compressor belt from hitting the water hose to the radiator.  And they doubled the belts to the alternator.

All the original belts where Dayco's and the AC Compressor belt was a Dayco Top Cog.

 LOCATION Dayco & AMG P/N Gates or NAPA Size
A/C Compressor 15305  25-
Alternator  X2 57433317 25-
PS Pump  X2 12339359-15 25-
Opps. Looks like I am missing the new belt sizes
Looking down at the belts you will see a total of 5 belts, two double sets for the power steering pump and alternator, and one single belt for the A/C compressor.
Belts are no longer next to the radiator hose, the shield is still left in place but is no longer needed. 
Here are original belts that where on my engine before I replaced them all with new belts that I got from NAPA.