Belts for the 92 & 93 Hummers

I have the 93 Hummer with a GM 6.2 L Diesel engine, the belt configuration has been changed by the dealership at the request of AMG.  The Alternator when I first got it had a single belt pulley and they changed it to a duel belt pulley.  They also changed the other belts too.  This change prevented the A/C compressor belt from hitting the water hose to the radaitor.  And they doubled the belts to the alternator.

All the original belts where Dayco's and the AC Compressor belt was a Dayco Top Cog.

 LOCATION Dayco & AMG P/N Gates or NAPA Size
A/C Compressor 15305  25-
Alternator  X2 57433317 25-
PS Pump  X2 12339359-15 25-
Above: Belts are no longer next to the radaitor hose, the shield is still left in place but is no longer needed.
Left Top Side: Looking down at the belts, note the PS & Alt. belts are doubled.
Side: Original belts, Alt, PS, & AC