Audio Entertainment System

New Audio System to added: Along with all the other changes to my console, I will be installing a new audio and video system in it, it will include: 

All the above is to added inside my new console, and should be a great entertainment system.  I still have to work on some speakers and as times goes by, I am sure I will find just the right mixture of speakers to add.

More on this page later as I start getting things connected.

MP3 player:  I was looking at installing a small Windows PC, but could not find a affordable VGA LCD that was small enough to be mounted in the Hummer. So one of my other options was the APEX MD-100 or a Neo 35 unit. The APEX MD 100 supports DVD's so that as a plus for the unit over the Neo 35.  But depending on the functionality of the MP3 player section of the APEX MD-100 I just may install a Neo 35 and or find some other unit to install. 

Update Jan 14th 2001: The APEX MD 100 player is okay, nothing great and needs improvements to the software that drives it in the MP3 department. My finding and opinions so far are:

At the rate that MP3 and DVD players are coming out, soon we should have some good ones to pick from. Just while a little while longer if you don't see what you like now.

Passenger Side TV & Monitor: It's a 5" Pyle LCD Monitor with tuner and diversity antennas.  This unit has 2 video inputs, and TV Tuner to select from. The inputs will be for the DVD unit and the VCR signals.  The Alpine unit will require a video selector since it only has one video input. 

CB Radio: Galaxy DX-99 and will be also connected to the siren PA system.