Roof Mount Antennas
Both GPS & 800 Mhz Antennas after being painted to match color of truck. 

GPS Antenna by Garmin (marine model from West Marine @ 800-538-0775) 

800 Mhz - LoPro Antennas from Northpoint Comm. Products (312-944-4447). They also make them for UHF (460), & the cellular band.

Due to the location I picked, I had to remove the roof lining. This is was also a good time to add sound & heat insulation to the roof. Here you can see just the drivers side is covered at this time. 

Also note the location of the two ribs, they are great for mounting equipment too. 

Now if wanted a single antenna can be mounted in the center, just behind the bar above the front seats. Only one cover on that cross piece needs to be removed for installation and would be a lot easier then my job. ( I will add a photo later showing you where I am talking about.)

Here is the completed installation of the GPS, CB, & 800 Mhz antenna (like cellular). 

The GPS required 3 holes for the screws, & 1 for the cable. 

CB - A K-40 antenna required a 7/8 hole. 

800 Mhz - Low-Pro required a single 3/8 hole and uses an adhessive pad to bond to the roof. Easy to install and works very well.

GPS Antenna (Garmin's)
800 Mhz Antenna