Snorkel # 2
Oct. 12th, 1998

Okay, this snorkel was manufactured by Extreme Engineering I think back in April of 97, and who I have no idea who they are. This unit was purchased from Dick Cepek as a one of a kind unit and not knowing really any thing about it.  I did know that the unit retailed for about $250.  So I figured it should be something to see.

Well after getting it, I was kinda shocked as to what it was.  What it looked like was about $30 worth of  parts from your local plumbing store. The parts where 2  4" elbows custom cut and fitting together as shown in the picture.  A heavy piece of 4 " PVC pipe about 16-18 inch long. 4 hose clamps, a short flat piece of aluminum flat bar about 5 inches, and a longer piece of aluminum flat about 14 inches long.  The elbows looked like they had aged some as they where coated in some white stuff, I think was once coated in "Armor All" and required some cleaning.

BUT! I soon found out that the black rubber elbows that I once figured I could get from the local hardware store was not an easy item to find.  I can find the elbow in PVC only, but could not find it in rubber as tight as this one was. 

June 2001 -  Finally, years later I find the elbows!!  The part number was in the Hummers Part manual all this time and every Hummer has one already installed!  It is located between the air filter canister and the intake cover/bell.  It is a Hummer part number - 06001737 ELBOW, you will need two of them.

The snorkel came in primer gray, and was quickly painted and installed.  I had to cut about 1 inch of the tube down so that it fix under the Stinger Light Bar that I have.
Installed ! Here was the completed snorkel. As you can see, it does not block the view of the passenger's seat.  This was something I hated about my other one.
Two 4 inch elbows back to back, connect with a short piece 4 inch pipe and clamped into place.
With only about a 1/4 inch space after cutting of an inch of the PVC pipe, the snorkel fitted right under the Stinger light bar.
Now that it installed and engine running, I feel that the sound of the engine had changed just a bit, odd,  I guess the extra length the air is going in the pipe is causing a deeper sounding engine. But the engine runs just fine! Now all I have to do is see how well it works out in the woods with all the trees in the way.  It may only stick out a few inches, but that might be just a few inches too much.  We will see in time to come.

Update: Well, now that I have been using it for just about 1 year now, I would not go back the old style. And since it is so much out of the way, I don't even think about removing it.  After all, you never know when you just might need it with all the warnings about flash floods and deep water.  And I found out first hand, it does not have be deep water to have enough water over the hood to hydrolock your engine.  I lost my first engine in just knee deep water, 30 inches or so.

This snorkel was available from Extremehummer, and the cost is about $200. What happened to the Extremehummer web site, I have not idea, but it is gone.