A New Bigger and Better A/C unit for 2007

This is also a replacement for the old AUX A/C Unit

January 22, 2007:  Well, my A/C unit that I installed back in early 2000 gave up. Actually, the drier came a part and the pellets inside it flooded the pipeline all the way to the expansion valve of both the main and the Aux A/C units. So while I am also making changes to the console I decided to check on the A/C unit to find out why it was not cooling and I found 2 things, the Freon was all gone out and the expansion valve blocked. So this was time to also see about making more changes, and so I removed all of the old A/C system, that meant both main and aux blower units, the hose, the drier, and the condenser coil under the hood, and all that is left is the compressor right now.

February 13, 2007: I found a new A/C system by Red Dot that I will install in between the rear seats, and my A/C and Heater system will be all back there. Nothing up front but the new smaller console.

More info on the Red Dot 9520

This unit has the cooling power of about 33,000 BTU and should be much more then we need down here in the Texas heat. Along with the replacement of the inside unit, I am also replacing the condenser coil to a more efficient coil then what was installed originally in the Hummer back in 1993. I really should have replaced the condenser coil when I also installed the other unit back in 2000.

The inside unit has an optional Louvered Plenum Assembly RD-3-10111-0P that I ordered also, but I will need to build a rear console also to cover up the unit since the Louvered Plenum unit covers the top of the unit.

Data sheet on the Red Dot's  Ductable units & the 9520

Red Dot's Web site - Reference on how the A/C units work  PDF

April 2007: Removed the old condenser coil and replaced it with a new set of coils. Removed and cleaned out the A/C compressor and re-installed it.

2007-05-05, AC-Condenser

2007-05-20: I bought 25 feet of high and low pressure A/C hose, and only 26 of heater hose that is only equal to 13 feet per run. And my new A/C unit is in the rear between the rear passenger seats. I figured that I was only going 9 feet, so 4 extra feet to cover it, end to end. Well I was about a foot short on each run for the heater hoses. So, no big deal, I can add on that those lines with out a big issue. In the end, after all the looking and figuring out where the best place for the hoses to go and to enter the cab at, I ended up going in on the right side, behind the right rear seat. So the lines come up on the right side and just next to the fuel fill line is.

2005-05-25: This weekend I got the blower and controls all wired up and going, and the blower blows strong, even with the unit in the rear section you can feel the air in the cab moving around.

2007-06-25: Finally got around to getting the new compressor from O'Reilly Auto Parts since I do not trust the old one to be 100% good. Did not want to take the chance of getting the system charged only to find the old compressor was not working as good as it should. Now to get it installed and take it to the shop to get the system charged. At the rate I am going, summer will be over. 



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