New Tires by
Community Tire Retreading

Just got a set of new tires by Community Tire Retreading.   They really look great and look well made from what I can tell.   The tread pattern is very much like the Goodyear MT's with just a minor change as you can see in some of the photos.

The tires are what some call "retreads" but this tire is not like most treads the you normally see on the road.  This tire start out from Goodyear MT's and are cleaned up and stripped down of the old tread and covered with new un-cured rubber and placed in the mold and cured like new tires.   And after seeing how they are made and all that goes in to the remaking of the tires, I really feel they are a lot better then the standard retreads.  (I will talk more in detail about how this tire was made later).

I mounted the set of tires on two piece rims with the runflats myself and have yet to get them balanced since I have the Centramatic Continous wheel balancers on.  The tires are well trued, and not a bit out of round unlike some others tires I have had.  So far they feel great even on the highway at 70 mph, so they should even feel better once I have them balanced.

> Note:  I got them balanced and removed the Centramatic balancer at Brake Check in Stafford TX, and really run great.

The tires are nice and clean, well finished. Instead of the Goodyear MT logo, they have HMMWV  UNICURE stamped on them.  Now my tires match my License plate, HMMWV.

I will post more info about the tires and any problems I should find with them here later as I keep running them.

Over 6 months now and not a problem with that at all! And for what I hear, Jim Lynch has a customer with a set and over 60k miles on them.  Would I get another set if I needed them?  You Bet I would!

The following was from some of the literature that was about the HMMWV tires:

      37- 12.50R-16.5
  • State-of-the-art, full Bead to Bead Retread processed with the latest in Computerized Buffing, Building, & Curing Equipment.
  • New tire appearance & performance at less than half the cost.
  • Full 18/32 tread depth.
  • Tread rubber compound meets all military specifications.

  • Tire diameter & tread design compatible with most popular O.E. Fittment.