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Service - Service requirements are just like any other 4x4 truck, with a few extra items. After most outings you will find me on my roll-around back board checking out the bottom for any problems or damages. And on a nice warm day while checking things out, you may find that I have fallen asleep under the Hummer too.  I think I can say servicing the Hummer on the weekend is something I like doing when I am not some where off the roads.  And when it come to repairing something like the Hubs, shafts, or other items on the Hummer that I have not done before, normally make me feel great.  It gives me the opportunity to learn more about the workings of the Hummer and to learn how easy it is to do so.  If you are not the type who like to service the Hummers, all that is really needed is a good trustworthy mechanic.  Our fire dept. uses a local garage, A & L Automotive to service their Hummer, and they do a great job every time.  If you are in the North West area of Houston and need service, give A & L Automotive a call, they are located on Grant Road near Jones Road,  281-955-7018.  If you are in need of engine work, diesel that is, I went to North West Diesel & Automotive, who did a great job on the engine after AM General came and worked on it when I had the new engine installed.  They are located at 15511 Kuykendahl  near FM-1960, 281-893-2886

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