Rear Lights - Now the HID version!


Update June 3rd, 2002: I was working on replacing the rear HID's with some new HID work lights, but I later figured they where just too big back there.


Updated July 10, 2000:  New backup light!  Just installed a pair of driving lights by Eagle Eyes. They are the 3 inch round HID lights that I got a while ago and was not happy with the amount of light projected to the on coming traffic  (see HID Off-Road Lights & HID headlights). So I never installed them, until now.  Killer back lights, now I can see two blocks behind me!  great improvement over the seal bulb I had.

The box (shown in the center) has an remote RF control (key chain remote),   a small 3 minute timer, Weather proof 12 volt power jack, and a small switch.  So, by remote I can turn on the lights any time I need it, or flip the little switch and the it will be on for about 3 minutes. The timer is a safety in case some one should turn it on and not off afterwards (like by some one I don't know who is looking at my truck) and as a safety in case the inside switch should get turned on and I am driving forward.  Plus it is connected to the backup switch on the shifter, if I am backing up, night or day, you will know it!

For camping, using the wireless remote will let me keep the light on as long as I need it. And boy does it light the place up!  They are only 35 watts each, but are like 135 watts each instead when it comes to putting out some light !

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The old light: was good, but the new light is awesome !

The black box is now mounted to the bottom of the top deck that I mounted over the rails and so you do not see the black box or the ballast as easy and I took the old light that was up top and mounted it under the truck to add more ground lighting right near the rear of the truck.

d2797005.jpg (20530 bytes)   I also have a backup horn that will get the attention of any one behind me who are with in hearing range. The backup horn is rated at 93 decibels.

To the right was my old light that I added in the past.