Marker Lamp Replacements
with Solid State LED lamps.

The marker lamps are the standard 15000 series "Truck-Lite" that are used on the Hummer. Easy to get and easy to replace. But they now have them in the latest state of the art technology, LED's.  They will last for a long time compared to the standard incandescent bulbs, normal life for the LED is over 100,000 hours.  So if they should burn out in the next ten years, they will replace them free.  The LED lamps will cost a little more, but they will out last many incandescent lamps. 

COST: Depending on how you look at the expense of the LEDs lamps, they are both more expensive and cheaper.  What I mean by that is, for you and I to go out and change out the lamps ourselves, we do not include our labor, so the are expense.  But if you add the cost of labor to change out the lamps just one time verse say 5 times the standard bulbs, there is a savings, and since the marked will in most cases last the life time of the truck, you may save as many at 10 times or more the cost on just the labor.  

It took about a full 10 minutes to replace all ten marker lamps.  Simply pull the old one out using the edge of a flat head screw driver to pop them out.  Unplug the old one, and plug in the new one.  Snap back in place and you are complete.

I got mine from one of the following : 

The replacement lamps are manufactured by Grote.
Red marker lamp P/N is 47082   about $8.62 each  you will need 5 each.
Amber marker lamp P/N is 47083  about $9.13 each, you will need 5 each.
(Nov 29, 1999)

The last photo maybe hard to see, but it was just the parking lights at night.  Day time and night time, the lamps are bright, and even looked brighter then the big tail light.  Viewing angle was great, even at 45 degrees, you get a good bright light.

You will also like the fact that the amber ones over the hood, no longer light the hood so brightly at night.

The side marker installation was easy. But you will want to take the covers and have them painted before installing them.  

Model 30 Clearance & Marker lighting  (they came in a gray plastic, and I
sprayed my glossy black paint.) Note: Since when I got the LED lights, the part number and parts are no longer on the Truck Lite web site. So I believe that it must have been replaced with something else.

PN 30410  Branch deflector mount kit,   Truck-Lite
PN 30730  Inner bracket only
PN 30731  Outer Deflector Only

The lamp is not included with the kit above.

Lamps are:  (like I have)
PN 30250R   Red 12v lamp
PN 30250Y  Yellow 12v lamp
PN 30258R   Red 24v lamp
PN 30259Y   Yellow 24v lamp.

Now there is another LED lamp that you can use that more rounded cover, I
have not tried this model, but it also a model 30 lamp:
PN 30275R  Red 12v lamp
PN 30275Y  Yellow 12v lamp
(I will scan and add to the site)

You will also need the connector  PN 94964 for each of the lamps (black & white connecter shown below)  

NOTE:  The white wire is your ground wire and will be connected to the black wire of the Hummers wiring harness. 

Completed photos to come.


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