Hub Seal Repair

From time to time seals with the hub will leak and need to be changed out.  It does not seam to uncommon to have the inner hub seal leak. I had the dealership replace 3 or 4 of them so far while under warranty.  Now that is out of warranty, I do them my seal.  So far I have only had the replace the left rear outer seal and that was easy and will be repairing an inner seal soon on another Hummer.  I will let you know how that turn out soon.

One tool that is recommend to get is a "Spanner Socket" for the clamp nut. But it can be done without one.
Here I have the spindle and old outer seal removed.
This here is the mark left by the sand, dirt & mud that got in between the seal that caused it to go bad.  I polished the surface to help from wearing the new seal out before re-assembling.
Here are some of the parts that will come out while repairing the outer hub seals.