Fan Clutch Replacement
What a Job! Replacing a fan clutch was not as easy as it looked. Looking at it, you can see the nuts that you have to remove, but getting to them is tight.

Just after getting back from Austin into Houston, I heard this noise of the fan just pull the air into the engine compartment. If was louder that is should normally be.  After stopping to check on the problem I found the fax clutch had locked up and after figuring out why it did what it did, I found the bolts that mount the clutch in place where loose. In fact one of the bolts was missing, and allowed the fan to wobble and brake the bearings within the clutch. No lock washers where used to keep the nuts from getting loose, nothing new...This was how an authorized service center installed it and many other items when the engine was replaced.

After looking around at the auto parts places for this clutch, I ended up calling on AM General. And after explaining the problem to them, they sent me the replacement clutch overnight! And at no cost to me.
Getting to nut on the new clutch to bolt to the pully seems even tighter then the old one, Very little finger space between the pully & fan.  Getting the new lock washers on and then the nuts was the hard part of it all. But one it was installed,  and done right, it was fine.  I had a little damage to the fan shroud, but still seems to be okay.