NEW GPS Unit - Garmin StreetPilot GPS
Sept. 15, 1998
Just got one of Garmin latest GPS units with street maps in it and already I miss my Garmin GPS III.  The Street Pilot is nice, but it lacks some of the nice features that the GPS III offers.  I think one of the big differences is the display, it large and the back lighting is bright!  Bright orange at that!.  The basic unit does not offer as much detail as the GPS III does, ex. no rail road tracks.

In the following I will try to list what each offers and my comments.
Features & Options StreetPilot GPS III GPS II
Maps - major roads Yes - North and South America Yes -  North and South America No
Maps- minor roads Optional  No No
Points of Interest  Optional, lists stuff local to your location like gas, food,  
stores, lodging and more.
No No
Speed Yes - fast updates, but no 10th MPH reading above 9.9 mph.  
Both GPS II & III do.
(& 10th reading)
(& 10th reading)
Units of Measure Miles, Feet 
Kilometer, Meter, 
No Nautical speed, this is a land base GPS unit.Okay
Miles, Feet 
Kilometer, Meter 
Miles, Feet 
Kilometer, Meter 
Odometer Yes (but it's really a trip Odometer IMHO. When resetting  
mileage, it will also reset your "trip"  time)
Yes No
Trip Odometer No - sure missed this. Yes Yes
Trip Timers Yes, but reset with Odometer Yes Yes
Max. Speed Yes Yes Yes
Power/Battery  Level bar / power plug icon 
(Liked the voltage readings a lot better)
Voltage & Bar Graph Bar Graph
Screen Back light Very Bright Orange, must have about 16 adjustable levels. Great even in bright sun light. Green, 3 levels. Green, 3 levels
Displays ETE 
Est. Time Enroute
NO Yes Yes
Display ETA 
Est. Time of ARV.
Yes Yes Yes
Sun Rise & Set Yes, but only in setup screen - Dumb place to have it Yes Yes
Map Datum's Only NMEA 0183 
So much for UTM
Many Many
DGPS Option Yes Yes Yes
GPS Coord. Displays Only as N HH, Min.Dec. W HH, MM.DDD Many formats Many Formats
Run/Stop time Yes No No
Driving Avg. Yes Yes Yes
Max. Alarm Speed Yes - life saver! No No
Beeper Yes! Love it! No No
Find Function Yes, find streets & more No No
Routing Yes, but it's not automatic. Routes follow the roads 
that you mark. Then displays your route as you travel.
WP to WP WP to WP
Auto Zoom Yes No No
AutoNight Display Yes No No
Alarm Clock Yes Yes, but no beep No (?)

Garmin Street Pilot: (Changes I would like see in future versions).
Click on any of the photos for a larger picture.
Add the speed to the large map. It has the lat. & long & elevation  info. and just what good Lat. Long Data is while you are driving? Can you really use it while you are driving?  I know I don't, not saying it shouldn't be there.  But I think they need to add the speed and time to the screen which is more important to me while traveling then the lat. long coordinates.
In order to get the Sun Rise and Sun Set information, I have to go to the System Setup Screen - Dumb place to have to view your sun rise & set data, it's not like you are going to set the Sun Rise & Sun Set time, so why is it in the System Setup  screen ?
Add a Data Screen that will let you display the fields you like when you are not using the map.  I don't think much of the screen that looks like your car's dash, too limited on data.  Looks nice at first, but the function of the display is wasted.
Right now the speed it only displays in whole numbers once you are above 9.9 mph, I would like to see the 10th mph added like in the GPS II & III. I find it great while watching your speed.
Clock - only diplays hours and minutes while on the custom map screen and you do not have it point to some wavepoint.
Now that I have a wavepoint to goto, your speed and time of day are gone.  But you still know your coordinates..Like I said before who uses that while driving?  I would like to see my speed at least.
This part is great while traveling with in your MetroGuide area.  If you are hungy, just press the find button and you will get a list like this.
Select the one you like, and you have the address and phone number right there!  I love this while I am traving around!
Then have it point the way to it!  Man this place here, El Gallo Mexican Restauant, is great, you will not leave hungry from this place, they fill your plate with good food!
Here I am viewing the distants from my current location to my pointer. (don't look at the arrows, I was stopped while taking these photos, so the arrow goes all over the place went you are not moving)
Now, because I am still viewing the distant to the marker and have not moved the marker since I last moved it, it is still telling me that I am 0.5 miles from my marker, when really I am just about right on top of it. I wish it would keep updating your distant.
Check this this out, it will tell you the aprox. address you are pointing to.