Fort Hood's Fire Department
Fort Hood's Fire Department has some nice trucks as you can see from just to two trucks that I took a few photos of.  The Hummer was a 96 4 door hart top with the fire equipment added by "Fire Attacker Fire Apparatus". 
The Hummer's rear end was loaded down and to me looked over loaded in the rear, it was just about ready to do a wheelly.  The loaded rear is due to a light load on the front springs that can be corrected by installing a lighter load spring at a Hummer dealership. 
The department also had problem with the rear 2 peice wheels bolts breaking off. ( I was corrected about the wheels (it's a 2 piece wheel problem that is giving them problems and not the lug nuts as I was told)).After getting an e-mail from the General Sales Manager of Fire Attacker, Inc. Denny LaLonde, GSM, and be corrected with the use of the one piece rims.
The Yellow truck is a killer fire truck. I need to find out more about it and how to spell the type of truck it is.
Contact for : Fire Attacker, Inc
Dennis A. LaLonde. 
General Sales Manager 
GSA Contract Administrator 

Gene Peltier - Oregon & Washington Area

He can be reached at 1-800-860-3066 
during normal business hours EDT.

Quoting  Dennis: You have to know the HUMMER quite well to build on it. I have over 70 (SEVENTY) satisfied customers around the world. Nobody else has built as many or even thought about the many possibilities of the HUMMER except Fire Attacker