1 This is the latest delivery to the "United States Coast Guard - Air Station North Bend" in North Bend, Oregon. This unit is an "Air Attacker™". The unit has the capability of fighting fires with three (3) different types of fire fighting agents Water, Foam, or Dry Chemical (Purple K). It can discharge two (2) agents at the same time from either the handline reel or the remote controlled bumper turret. The diamond plate door on the curb side is access for the "Nitrogen" cylinder that powers the dry chemical system. Fire Attacker has units of this type in service with the Chicago Fire Department (2) at O'Hare International Airport, Los Angeles City Fire Department at the Ontario International Airport (California), the Department of Defense - DOD ATCOM, and the Providencetown Municipal Airport.  
This a unit we placed in service on the island of Kahoolawe, off of Maui, in the state of Hawaii. The unit is a basic "Brush Attacker™".
The Summerfield Volunteer Fire Department. This is our hometown fire department. This is what we call a "4-door Mini Attacker™". The unit has both "Class A" and "AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)" capabilities. The pole lights on the rear are high candlepower 12 volt lights. The unit also has front mounted spray nozzles and was featured on CNN Headline News.
Summerfield VFD again sitting beside a pond.
These are two (2) units that were delivered at the same time. The Red/White unit is Southwest Allen County Fire District in Indiana and the Yellow unit is Springdale Fire Department in Arkansas. Both units are our "2-door Mini Attacker
Southwest Allen and Springdale again. The Springdale unit has a Mega Winch. This winch is no longer available but was really great when it was available. You could demount it from the front and slip it into the receiver on the rear.
Springdale Fire Department, Arkansas - "Mini Attacker™". They bought this unit for access to underground parking facilities.
Southwest Allen County Fire District, Indiana - "Mini Attacker™".
Kendall Park Fire Department, New Jersey - "4-door Mini Attacker™". This unit has foam capabilities, booster reel, Warn Winch, Nightfighter light pole, and suction hose for drafting purposes.
Worden VFD, Montana. This department did allot of research before they bought these three (3) units. As a direct result of their research, and an article in their local newspaper, API & UPI picked up on their purchase. Our county newspaper did a feature article on us and the Detroit newspaper did a feature article. The bureau chief for CNN read the article and did a Headline News feature on us and Summerfieid VFD. The Worden units are two (2) "Brush Attackers™" and one (1) "Mini Attacker™". I have talked with them since their purchase and they are getting a good work out - seems they can go allot of places that other wheeled vehicles, a some small tracked vehicles, can not.
This is three (3) of sixteen (16) units that we constructed for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, to their specifications.
A Michigan DNR unit out on a controlled burn. Notice the front brush guard they have it set up to run over small trees and protect the windshield.
A Michigan DNR unit working a fire line utilizing the front spray nozzle on the curb side of the vehicle.
Cumberland National Seashore 2-door "Brush Attacker™".
Cape Hattarus custom "Mini Attacker™". The customer felt that they did not need all the compartments - or the 16 inch extension that we do on the rear. We kept the unit short - it is utilized for fire protection at the Seashore.
Valpraiso, Indiana - Center Twp. - scene inside a 7 foot clearance parking garage. This unit has special attachments on the rear bumper and compartments so they can attach a "Stokes Basket" and transport a medical patient, inside the garage, outside to the waiting ambulance.
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