Bridge City Fire Department Hummer

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  The beginning of the Bridge City Fire Dept. 
              March 3rd, 1953 
Bridge City Fire Dept.:  Jeff Daigle  His story behind their Hummer: 

I used to be a mechanic in the Army.(83-90) I was around for the jeep, 
gammagoat, dodge powerwagon, cucv(GMC pickups & blazer) and then the 
Humvee. When it came out the guys didn't like it at first, alot of them 
were loyal to the jeep. Not me, I thought it would be cool for a brush 
rig for my dept. back home. I would have appropriated one but it would 
have been hard to get on back from Hawaii. (25th Inf.) So I did the next 
best thing I drove the hell out of them. I took them everywhere. The 
pics I sent you are nothing compared to what I put my Humvees through. 
I was impressed. So were alot of other people, I got caught one day and 
had to explain what I was doing to the Post Commander.(another story) 
But ever since then I was hooked. When I got out I called AM Gen. and 
tried to find out how to get one for the FD. the civilian models were 
still under construction so I shelved the idea. Around "95" or so I 
called Ron Carter told them we were interested in purchasing one. 
Two months later this fat hot-dog eating mustard dripping idiot rolls up 
to the station in a 2yr old demo and says $70,000. take it or leave it. 
I have never seen my Chief as mad as I saw him that day. He told the 
salesman where he could stick it and a few other things. That was it I 
thought. We were on the verge of buying a Dodge 1 ton dually rigged out 
as a brush truck for $65,000. Then I went to the Fire Chiefs conv. in 
Kansas City Mo. and ran into Bill True, Fleet Sales for AM Gen. We 
talked and I ended up with a "97" Hummer w/brush package for $62,000. 
We made a deal that nobody could refuse. 

                           Jeff Daigle 

(Dooh.jpg)- Thats me & my toy (Toy.jpg). 


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