Cypress Creek Vol. Fire Dept.
Houston, Texas
Booster Truck
Once it was a demo for AMG, then Ron Carter bought it for display/demo. Then it was sold to Champions Vol. Fire Dept. and was going to be used as a Mini rescue truck, but was never put in to service as such.  Then it was sold to Cypress Creek Vol. Fire Dept. who took off the box and made it in to a booster truck to be used for brush fires in our wooded areas.

Cypress Creek Vol. Fire Dept. has been pleased with the Hummer, and will buy another Hummer in the future to replace the older booster trucks (heavy duty ford pickup trucks).

Cypress Creek VFD also has a web site, so check it out.

AM General's  Rescue truck Demo
Built Feb. 1993
Champions Vol. Fire Department's new Hummer. This was in early fall of 96. Champions never installed any equipment in it for the time that they had it.  Other then making rescue calls to the local fire departments when a booster truck was stuck, this truck never saw any real service as a Mini Rescue Truck.
 Now Cypress Creek Vol. Fire Dept Hummer in Oct 15, 1997. . Mini Rescue Truck with the back board storage area removed only days after they got it. Within a short time the box was removed and it soon became a booster truck for the Station location.
Here is the same truck, now part of Cypress Creek Vol. Fire Dept. 
as a Booster Truck (Aug., 1997) 
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